Quy’lier, St. Francis Seraph, Grade 8

March 10, 2016 at the 2015 CISE Campaign Wrap-up Hi! My name is Quy’lier. I have attended St. Francis Seraph School for five years. Before I started attending St. Francis Seraph, I attended [another school where I was not challenged]. I was so advanced in first grade that, every day after lunch, I had to go to second grade to learn. I even taught first grade when I was only in second grade! So my mom decided to send me to St. Francis Seraph in the third grade. St. Francis Seraph has helped me by giving me a challenge and teaching me about God. In sixth grade, I earned a scholarship to St. Xavier High School and I still have it. I would not have had this scholarship if it were not for my mother sending me to St. Francis Seraph School. Now I know what high school I am going to attend AND graduate from. Without CISE, tuition would be difficult for my family to pay. My mom would have to pay tuition for my three brothers and four sisters. This would be an extreme hardship for her. Because of the aid of CISE, I feel loved, wanted and safe here at St. Francis Seraph. Thank you CISE for giving me an opportunity to achieve my dream; to learn, to be responsible, to be a leader, to continue on to such a good high school and to be faithfilled!

Jasmine, St. Francis Seraph, Grade 8

March 10, 2016 at the 2015 CISE Campaign Wrap-up Hello! My name is Jasmine and I am an eighth grader at St. Francis Seraph School where I have attended since Kindergarten. CISE is important to me because St. Francis Seraph has helped me get through my turbulent middle school years. St. Francis Seraph stuck with me, pushed me and believed I could be better. Through my middle school years I have learned how to control my anger and how to use my leadership skills the right way. For example, during my school years, teachers have been helping me and teaching me how to complete a task the right way and also making sure that I fully understand and develop things properly. CISE has allowed me to be in a school with great teachers who provide me with a solid education. When I’m at St. Francis Seraph I feel loved and I feel safe around my peers and my teachers. CISE has helped out my mom and I big time. She doesn’t have to pay any money for me to go to high school because of the strong education I have received here at St. Francis Seraph School. I received scholarships from three different parochial high schools. Now, she can save up her money and keep supporting the family. I am happy because without CISE I wouldn’t be able to attend the parochial high school of my choice, which is Seton. Thank you CISE for supporting my educational growth!

Laurence, St. Joseph School, Grade 8

March 10, 2016 at the 2015 CISE Campaign Wrap-up

Good evening. My name is Laurence and I am an 8th grade scholar at St. Joseph Catholic School. I’m so glad my mom chose St. Joseph, as my CISE School. I have truly learned the meaning of our (4) core values, which are: FAITH, COMMUNITY, RESPECT, and PERSEVERANCE. I must be honest. I haven’t enjoyed attending EVERY mass, but there were many times when I really needed to pray and ask God for help. I will truly miss the spirit filled music and choir here at St. Joseph. I do believe I have a closer relationship with God. St. Joseph has really taught me the true meaning of being a community. I don’t like to call it a community but it’s more like a family. Many of my classmates have been together for a long time, and we are like brothers and sisters. My teachers are like my parents outside of home. I believe that everyone here wants the best for me, even when I can’t see it or understand it for myself. We are reminded daily how important it is to be a respectful scholar. I didn’t really understand how important it was, until I became an 8th Grade Ambassador. Other scholars are paying attention to you and watching your every move, so I had to rise to the occasion! My mother has always taught me to be respectful, but St. Joseph made sure I practiced it! Perseverance is what keeps me motivated. I was very excited when the school added the blended learning model last year, until I found out how hard I had to work to get above grade level. My teachers pushed and I pushed back. But through perseverance, I understand that hard work does pay off! Now, my scores are above grade level in many subject areas. Now I can say, I’m a man on a mission! Although I love St. Joseph, I know I can’t stay here forever. My next assignment is to become a Purcell Marian Cavalier. I can proudly say that St. Joseph has prepared me for my high school years. I will never give up on my dreams. Please don’t walk away from this event believing that your financial support is your only contribution. You provide so much more than that. You’ve provided me with a safe place to learn, I’m a little closer to God, I was surrounded by people who love and care about me, but most of all I plan to be just like YOU! I will “pay it forward” when I become a millionaire. I would like to thank the entire staff at St. Joseph and CISE for helping my mother and shaping me into the young man I am today. This experience has allowed me to see that the word impossible really means I’M POSSIBLE. Your actions have spoken much louder than any words, and I will never forget it.