Quy’lier, St. Francis Seraph, Grade 8

March 10, 2016 at the 2015 CISE Campaign Wrap-up Hi! My name is Quy’lier. I have attended St. Francis Seraph School for five years. Before I started attending St. Francis Seraph, I attended [another school where I was not challenged]. I was so advanced in first grade that, every day after lunch, I had to go to second grade to learn. I even taught first grade when I was only in second grade! So my mom decided to send me to St. Francis Seraph in the third grade. St. Francis Seraph has helped me by giving me a challenge and teaching me about God. In sixth grade, I earned a scholarship to St. Xavier High School and I still have it. I would not have had this scholarship if it were not for my mother sending me to St. Francis Seraph School. Now I know what high school I am going to attend AND graduate from. Without CISE, tuition would be difficult for my family to pay. My mom would have to pay tuition for my three brothers and four sisters. This would be an extreme hardship for her. Because of the aid of CISE, I feel loved, wanted and safe here at St. Francis Seraph. Thank you CISE for giving me an opportunity to achieve my dream; to learn, to be responsible, to be a leader, to continue on to such a good high school and to be faithfilled!