Marley – St. Boniface School


Marley is a 4th grader at St. Boniface School in Northside. This is her first year at St. Boniface School and feels very welcome.  She has made many new friends. In fact, in her own words, “I’m practically friends with all of my class!” When asked what two things she likes most about St. Boniface, Marley responded, “I like that my teachers believe in God and I learn new things every day.” She also likes the fact that all the students are together in one building, which is different than her other school. Right now, her teacher is using money to teach division which she thinks is fun.   

Marley’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Lawrence because, “she is funny and makes the class laugh.” Her favorite subjects are reading and spelling. This is no surprise because Marley’s r reading level is above that of most other scholars in her class. Right now, her favorite books to read are the Harry Potter series. She has already read the first two!

Marley is an active young lady also. She walks to McKee Community Center’s after-school program every day where she stays until her parents get off work. When asked how long it takes, she laughed, “It’s only a five-minute walk for me, but those kids in the back of the line make it a ten-minute walk!” Marley likes to swim and is on the PCY Tigers Shark team. At her last competition she swam in six events! She loves swimming so much that she wants to be a professional swimmer when she grows up. She is also in the school band and hopes to one day learn to play advance notes on the trombone.