Zalman – St. Boniface School


“Every day at St. Boniface School,  I learn new things and the teachers are preparing me to succeed in high school.”

Zalman is in 6th grade at St. Boniface School in Northside. His very first memory of St. Boniface was when he was in kindergarten. He was very shy, and he didn’t want to take off his hat because he had dreads. His teacher told him he could leave it on or take it off whenever he felt like it. She made him feel comfortable and welcome and he came out of his shell, (and took off his hat). Because of her unconditional acceptance, she remains one of his favorite teachers.

When Zalman was in 5th grade he was nervous about stepping up to middle school classes. He said his teacher, Mrs. Chandler, helped him prepare and made the transition easier. 

Zalman’s favorite subjects are math and science. He said, “they go well together.” He also likes to read. His favorite books when he was little were Dr. Seuss books, but he has progressed to reading about marine life.  Zalman explained, “The school library has books about marine life. I can read them and discuss what I learned with my teachers.” He said he loves reading about the ocean and learning about ocean life.  He likes it so much, in fact, that he plans to become a marine biologist, specializing in marine mammal life. “The fish and ocean are peaceful,” he said, “and you get to swim around in the water”.   

Zalman has won many athletic awards, including the one he is most proud of; a three-point shooting contest. He tried playing football but decided to focus on basketball. He plays on St. Boniface’s basketball team and summer league at the Friars Club .  

 Zalman is grateful for his education at St. Boniface school because, “every day I learn new things and the teachers are preparing me to succeed in high school.”

He has not decided where he will attend high school yet, but he is looking forward to the challenge and feels confident he will succeed.