CISE Monthly Supporter

We love our CISE Monthly Supporters. They faithfully commit to give what they can every month to help children in Cincinnati's inner-city communities, making our life‑changing work possible.

How to Become a Monthly Supporter

1. Choose where your monthly donation goes.
CISE General Fund or CISE-SGO 

2. Choose a donation amount.
For reference, here are the average costs for a few of the services that CISE provides.

  • 4-year high school scholarship. $16,000 per scholar

  • School nurse for a year. $20,000 per school

  • Summer enrichment program. $12,000 per school

  • Mental health coordinator for a year. $10,000 per school

  • Math intervention for a year. $4,500 per classroom

  • High school advocate. $1,000 per scholar

  • After-school athletics for one scholar. $500 per year

3. Set up your payments. 
Your monthly gift is automatically transferred from a credit or debit account on the same day each month. Stop or adjust your gift any time.

4. Enjoy the benefits of membership.
Stay informed and spread the word! As a CISE  Monthly Supporter, you will receive special updates about how your support is helping children in our community and you will also receive the CISE Quarterly newsletter. We’ll also automatically enter you in the CISE raffles throughout the year.