Teach Where It Matters Most

It takes great teachers to accomplish the CISE mission of proving a faith-based Catholic education to inner-city children. The success of our scholars depends on the success of our teachers. 

CISE recognizes the value of this partnership and actively supports the recruitment and retention of highly skilled teachers in our schools.   

Meet Ms. Vukelich – Kindergarten Teacher

Teaching at a CISE school has very quickly become one of the most rewarding experiences in my life!


Erin recently completed her first year of teaching at Corryville Catholic. As a new teacher she brings a lot of passion and fresh ideas to her classroom. She enjoys teaching at a CISE school because she believes instilling essential strong values in her students will pave the way for their future success, personally and academically. Erin also believes the whole-child approach to teaching helps foster self-confidence and models empathy for students.


Meet Mrs. Walker – Science & Social Studies Teacher (6-8)​

“In 22 years of teaching, CISE has meant the most to me because of the servant leadership and life-changing impact.” 

Shelley has been a teacher for 22 years, the last five years at CISE schools. She currently teaches at Corryville Catholic. The CISE mission aligns closely with Shelley’s own beliefs, both dedicated to providing a quality education and implementing the development of morals, values and leadership skills, which foster a growth mindset in the students. She focuses on guiding students in setting long-term goals for high school, college and careers.


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