A Growing Need for High School Scholarships

CISE provides funding for a comprehensive educational pipeline from preschool through high school to help students achieve better outcomes in life.

This school year, 75% of our 8th graders get accepted to local Catholic high schools. However, since more than 90% are living in poverty, they need a CISE high school scholarship to continue their values-based education. CISE awards a $4,000 scholarship for each year of high school to qualified graduates of CISE elementary schools. In addition, each of our high school students has access to an advocate, funded by CISE, who is there to support and mentor them as they navigate through their high school journey. The cost of these student advocates and other student support is $500 per year per CISE student, or almost $250,000 for the current school year.

During the current school year (2023-24), there are 463 CISE elementary school scholars attending local Catholic high schools. Our total annual support for these high school students is $1.1 million. We anticipate another 100 CISE students will need high school scholarship support for the 2024-2025 school year, and we still have a need for high school scholarship donors. 

Donors who make their contribution to the CISE – SGO may receive some substantial tax benefits. A $4,000 scholarship donation can result in an Ohio income tax credit of up to $1,500 and a federal income tax deduction of $2,500, which could save another $750 in federal taxes. The out-of-pocket after-tax impact of a $4,000 scholarship donation could be about $1,750. Donors should consult with their tax advisors to determine the impact of their specific donation.

If you are interested in directly impacting a student’s life and interacting with them during their high school journey, please contact Kelly Camm.