90 High School Scholarships Awarded

Thank You High School Scholarship Donors!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, this year CISE will award four-year high school scholarships to 90 amazing CISE students. With your support, these students will attend Catholic high schools here in Cincinnati and receive an excellent education that will help them reach their full potential. Together, we are building brighter futures. Thank you!

A Big Thank You to CIWF!

Thank You CIWF

The Cincinnati International Wine Festival (CIWF) has been a consistent supporter of CISE since 1995. This year, CISE was honored to receive a generous donation of $15,900 from CIWF! We are so grateful for the loyal, generous support for nearly 20 years.

CISE Receives Arby’s Foundation Grant

Arby’s Foundation Grant

CISE is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a generous grant of $30,700 from the Arby’s Foundation! Since 2021, the Arby’s Foundation has been a steadfast supporter of our mission.

We want to give a big THANK YOU to the Arby’s Foundation for their continued support and for helping CISE make a positive impact in the lives of children here in Cincinnati.

#ArbysFoundation #doinggood

CISE Rosary Project

CISE Rosary Project

Yesterday, the CISE Rosary Project visited 44 students in the grade classes at St. Lawrence School. What a memorable morning they had teaching about the Rosary and helping each student put the finishing touches on their own Rosary. The school was brimming with exceptional students who were most appreciative of their time with our Rosary Ladies.

Thank you to Louise, Tricia, and Susie for serving CISE supported schools and students with this important work.

Congratulations to our $10K Raffle Winner!

Congratulations to our $10K Raffle Winner!

A big congratulations to Andrew Kleiman for winning the $10,000 top cash prize of the Bushelman Friends of CISE Raffle at the Party at the Pitch on April 12!

Andrew and his wife Barbara are truly thrilled to witness the impactful progress CISE is making in the inner-city community, and they wholeheartedly endorse CISE’s commitment to providing education and wrap-around services for children.

Andrew’s upbringing instilled in him the values of generosity and helping others. Seeing his parents make sacrifices to send him to Catholic schools taught him the importance of giving back. Since discovering CISE in 2002, Andrew has been a steadfast supporter, making his first donation that year. His dedication extended to supporting programs like the Weekend Food Program in 2016, and he’s been actively involved in the Bushelman Friends of CISE raffle and annual campaign.

A heartfelt thank you to Andrew and Barbara for their unwavering support of CISE and its vital mission!

High School Scholarships

A Growing Need for High School Scholarships

CISE provides funding for a comprehensive educational pipeline from preschool through high school to help students achieve better outcomes in life.

This school year, 75% of our 8th graders get accepted to local Catholic high schools. However, since more than 90% are living in poverty, they need a CISE high school scholarship to continue their values-based education. CISE awards a $4,000 scholarship for each year of high school to qualified graduates of CISE elementary schools. In addition, each of our high school students has access to an advocate, funded by CISE, who is there to support and mentor them as they navigate through their high school journey. The cost of these student advocates and other student support is $500 per year per CISE student, or almost $250,000 for the current school year.

During the current school year (2023-24), there are 463 CISE elementary school scholars attending local Catholic high schools. Our total annual support for these high school students is $1.1 million. We anticipate another 100 CISE students will need high school scholarship support for the 2024-2025 school year, and we still have a need for high school scholarship donors. 

Donors who make their contribution to the CISE – SGO may receive some substantial tax benefits. A $4,000 scholarship donation can result in an Ohio income tax credit of up to $1,500 and a federal income tax deduction of $2,500, which could save another $750 in federal taxes. The out-of-pocket after-tax impact of a $4,000 scholarship donation could be about $1,750. Donors should consult with their tax advisors to determine the impact of their specific donation.

If you are interested in directly impacting a student’s life and interacting with them during their high school journey, please contact Kelly Camm.

Science of Reading

CISE Supported Schools Leading the Way in Improving Literacy

Recently, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has been advocating for the Science of Reading curriculum. Last October, House Bill 33 was passed, marking a significant shift in school curriculum, teacher training, and reading intervention programs. Governor DeWine stated, “I truly believe there’s nothing more important than the science of reading, and making sure that every single child in the state of Ohio, as they are learning to read, has the benefit of the science.”

Driven by a strong commitment to early literacy and numeracy, CISE has been ahead of the curve in embracing this reading initiative, assuring that our students receive the support they need to succeed in reading, math, and language arts.

In early 2020, educators at Holy Family School faced the challenge of improving reading outcomes for their students. Principal Katie Puthoff recalls, “Despite lots of care and hard work by our teachers, we were not seeing the reading growth that we knew our students were capable of. When we first started the work in kindergarten through third grade, only about 25 to 30% of our students reached their key reading benchmarks. That was simply not acceptable to us.”

As Holy Family recognized the need for change, Dr. Amy Murdoch from Mount St. Joseph University offered an opportunity for the school to participate in a State of Ohio Grant. This grant aimed to transform Holy Family into a model demonstration school for literacy instruction for early learners using the Science of Reading. After extensive training, the school staff and administration began implementing these practices in preschool through third grade. The school quickly experienced significant success in teaching literacy through this approach.

Larissa Phillips, Assistant Director at the Center for Reading Science, spends two days a week at Holy Family working with educators to improve reading assessment, curriculum, and instruction. She observes, “Teachers work really hard, and when they are working hard and not seeing the results, it’s genuinely discouraging. Now they’re working really hard and it’s paying off. When they start to see the students make great gains in reading, it’s so exciting!”

Kyslenia, a third-grade student at Holy Family, has been showing remarkable improvement in her reading skills through weekly sessions with Mrs. Phillips. When asked about her experience, Kyslenia expressed her pride, “I feel like I’m becoming a better reader now, and whenever I struggle with words, she always helps me.”

Now in the fourth year of the curriculum, Holy Family has seen remarkable progress with an impressive 70% of PK-3rd graders reaching key benchmark reading standards. Principal Katie Puthoff notes that the most noticeable change they’ve observed in students is their increasing self-confidence.

For Reading Specialist, Michelle Frey, the impact of the program has been palpable. “One of my second graders approached me and said, ‘Mrs. Frey, learning to read has changed my life,'” she recalls with a tear in her eye. “You know, that’s powerful words from a second grader.”

With the success of Holy Family, two other CISE-supported schools, Corryville Catholic and St. Lawrence, formed partnerships with Mount St. Joseph University and eagerly embraced the Science of Reading program. Though early in the implementation, both Corryville and St. Lawrence have observed a major shift in how students are developing their early literacy skills.

The Science of Reading is helping ensure that every student can learn to read, no matter their prior learning experiences. According to St. Lawrence Principal Jen Long, “This partnership is valuable because it addresses the needs that our students specifically have – learning in a language that is not their native language – through programming to expand upon our strengths and minimize our weaknesses.”

At Corryville Catholic, Principal Lauren Clements reflects on the school’s ongoing struggle to achieve academic gains in reading despite tireless efforts of the teachers and students. After trying various approaches and curricula, they found themselves applying temporary fixes that failed to address the root skill gaps of their students. Regarding the Science of Reading program, Mrs. Clements expresses, “This program has revolutionized our approach to literacy instruction. We’ve witnessed a remarkable improvement in student engagement and achievement since its implementation.”

Principal Jen Long is thrilled that St. Lawrence teachers are now learning research based strategies to help students be successful. Mrs. Long emphasizes the broader implications of literacy success. “Strong reading skills open doors to endless possibilities for our students,” she observes. “By investing in literacy excellence, we’re not just teaching children to read; we’re empowering them to shape their futures and fulfill their potential.”

Through the transformative power of collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence, these three CISE supported schools are rewriting the narrative of education, one child at a time.

CISE supports 10 inner-city Catholic schools in Cincinnati. Learn more at CISEKids.org


CISE Party Highlights

Party at the Pitch Highlights

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the 14th Annual CISE Party.
It was a big success with 243 guests joining us at the The Pitch View Club at TQL Stadium. Our guests were treated to an unforgettable evening, mingling, dancing, and enjoying the festivities and FC Cincinnati’s mascot, Gary the Lion, joined the party, adding even more fun to the event! In addition to the vibrant atmosphere and memorable moments, the event raised awareness and vital funds to support inner-city students right here in Cincinnati.

A great time was had by all! But don’t take our word for it, check out what some of our guests had to say.
“AMAZING!!! That was my first time attending a CISE party. I felt like royalty. Everyone was so accommodating. And the evening was so well organized. Talking with the other schools knowing that we shared so many of the same concerns and situations and getting ideas from their perspective was greatly appreciated. CISE is the reason we can do what we do. All children should have the opportunity and resources to be as successful as possible. Know that I am forever grateful for your support and the love of our children. God Bless All!” – Ginny Hampton, St. Boniface School 

“We had such a great time. I’m so glad we went! Next year we will definitely recruit more friends!” – Maura Hanke 

“What a fun event! Congratulations on a successful night. Gabriella and I had a ton of fun and learned so much about the CISE schools in the process.” – Sponsor Bahl & Gaynor, Derrick Kihembo 

“We appreciated being part of such a worthy cause.” – Tom D’Agnillo

Congratulations to our raffle winners! 
Friends of CISE Raffle
$10,000 cash – Andrew Kleiman 
$2,500 cash – Suzanne Hagedorn – donated to Winton Place Youth Center
$1,000 cash – Kathleen Wright – donated $500 back to CISE
$500 cash – Steve Rabe

Cuisine Raffle $1,000 – Carol Stevie

Bar Raffle $500 – Mary Kay Murphy

We can’t wait to see you at next year’s party!

11 High School Scholarships Funded

11 High School Scholarships Funded

In the last newsletter, we announced the Brenda Hoskins Scholarship matching gift challenge in honor of her dear friend, Pete Bushelman. We are thrilled to report that 11 new high school scholarships have been added as a result of teh challenge. This means, thanks to our gnerous donors, 11 CISE students will receive a four-year scholarship to a Catholic high school.

Thank you to all who are giving children the opportunity to continue their Catholic education into high school! Contact Kelly Camm to learn more about how a high school scholarship can be created in your name or your family’s name.

Our donors clearly agreed with Pete Bushelman’s sentiment, “CISE is the most important cause in the city! It takes inner-city children and gives them an unparalleled education that changes their lives forever.”

Meet St. Cecilia Principal, Mike Goedde

Meet St. Cecilia Principal, Mike Goedde

This is my 13th year at St. Cecilia. I have enjoyed my 31 years in education both at the administrative and teaching levels. I received my bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University and my master’s degree in Administration from Xavier University. 

I feel fortunate to continue to be able to teach. Although I enjoy being a principal, my favorite part of my job remains my time in the classroom. I attribute my ability to manage teaching and administrative responsibilities to having a great staff. The fact that my Assistant Principal and I both teach, I believe, keeps us well grounded, allows us to better identify and understand the challenges that teachers confront, and gives us a good pulse of the culture within the school, all of which help to shape the vision for the school going forward.

My wife Marie and I reside in Loveland, Ohio. As empty nesters, we are looking forward to many years of travel and adventure in the years to come. In my spare time, I enjoy landscaping and gardening, travel, hiking, reading, birding, history, and all too infrequently, golfing.